Glunovo i3 CGM

The Glunovo i3 CGM Sensor lasts 14 days with a soft flexible sensor probe Slim Transmitter & Sensor (7mm thickness) One-Click Applicator 14 Days Sensor Life 3 years Usage Life of Transmitter Reduce Certain Drug Reaction

Discover Glunovo CGM®

Glunovo CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) System is a small device you wear that enables monitoring of your Blood Glucose levels continuously, capturing trends in your BG levels and alerts you to highs and lows, giving you peace of mind all day and night long.

Accurate and Affordable Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Glunovo CGM is Comfortable and Convenient to wear, our studies show users prefer wearing the Glunovo CGM on their abdomen, this is discreet and comfortable for the user.